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Charisse Maravilla, also known as "Cha", is the girl behind Epic Pillow Fight.


Cha always had an entrepreneur spirit, and a passion to create. She would watch her grandma hand stitch clothing, and it fascinating to see something modified, constructed, or fixed by needle and thread. In the fifth grade, she collected beans every day that fell from a tree in the playground at school.With them, she fashioned together a hacky sack using a needle, thread, and a piece of cloth for the very first time. Falling in love with the idea of making things from scrap, she began putting pieces of fabric together with a thread and needle, and somehow managed to make a costume. 


Impressed by amateur hand sewing, her parents got her a sewing machine for her 14th birthday. This became one of the best investments, for she started altering clothes, drapes, fixing upholstery, putting buttons back on shirts, and making her own clothes. Cha began cosplaying as a hobby, and started taking commissions for costumes, Halloween, theme parties, and more.


Though she loved sewing costumes, she wanted to create something loveable and plush. She was always attracted to cute and cuddly items. Looking at her collection of plushies, she was inspired to make her own! After her first plush creation, she looked for more opportunities to turn items into pillows. Items found in videogames were made into plushies – weapons were turned into pillow form, and soon she found herself in a pillow fort! Being surrounded with many pillow items, including pillow weapons, she always imagined that it would make for an epic pillow fight; thus... Epic Pillow Fight was born!

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